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 MONGOMEYEN: Mongomeyen is an Equatoguinean city located in Rio Muni, the continental part of the country. It is home to the President Obiang Nguema International Airport, inaugurated in 2012, which serves the population of Oyala-Ciudad de la Paz and the city of Mongomo (Equatorial Guinea).

From Mongomeyén you can access Mongomo, which is a city with a great variety of architecture, famous for the Cathedral The Basilica of the Immaculate Conception, in addition to its distinguished gastronomic wealth that is not only famous for the dishes of the various tribes in the area, as it has land borders with Gabon. Oyala, also known as the city of  “LA PAZ” or Djibloho, consolidates the jewel of the region.

The main language spoken is Spanish (the main language and practically the only one used), French and Portuguese.

TOURISM, PLACES OF INTEREST: From Mongomeyén you can access emblematic sites by visiting the Plaza de los Presidentes or the Amistad Park in Mongomo. You can also marvel visiting some of the nearby cities such as Akoakam, Nsork, among others.

ACCOMMODATION: The ultimate and unique leisure destination in Equatorial Guinea The Grand Hotel Djibloho is located in the heart of the Equatorial Forest. Surrounded by green hills and the winding Wele River, the hotel is located in the heart of Djibloho, the future new administrative capital of Equatorial Guinea, and is only 20 km from the new Mongomeyén airport. Enjoy and maximize your experience at other hotels such as Hotel Mongomo or Hotel Basilica.

GASTRONOMY: The LOM Restaurant offers a wide variety of African and traditional Equatoguinean cuisine or if you prefer, you can purchase Mediterranean flavors in the Italian restaurant LINCANTO.

CLIMATE: The climate in Mongomeyén, Equatorial Guinea is hot and humid due to its location in the equatorial climate region.