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DOUALA: It is said that if you haven’t been to Cameroon, you haven’t been to Africa, it contains the diversity, the varied terrains, cultural diversity and modernity to make your trip worthwhile. You can experience charm in the street life and battered Independence architecture of Douala, just six miles away from the Capital Yaoundé.

Douala is Cameroon’s largest city and its main economic center. It is located on the coast of the Gulf of Guinea and is known for its lively cultural life. This area has picturesque bays, beautiful sandy beaches stretching as far as the eye can see.

As a port city, expect to get fresh seafood, with menus that range from Cameroonian, Pan-African, Mediterranean, and Middle Eastern. And when you are done sampling the food, go on a shopping spree for local crafts and artisan work including beads and scarves, and other textile and hand painted African artifacts.

A trip would not be complete without the locally produce world famous coffee and chocolate.

TOURISM, PLACES OF INTEREST: Architecture, traditions, culture and beach. Discover the rich architectural and cultural wealth of Cameroon by visiting places like the Buea Mountain, the Botanical Garden of Limbe, the Museum of Douala and the Cathedrals of St. Peter and St. Paul, or enjoy the tropical beauty of the Ekom Nkam waterfall or the national park of lobeke.

the coastline of douala  is perfect for tourists to explore. Visit the Akwa and Bonanjo palaces, the Bonanjo Maritime Museum, the Akwa Craft Centre, the centenary Church, Cathedral and the “Bonanjo comptoir colonial”. Make sure not to miss the flower market in Bonapriso.

ACCOMMODATION: there are a variety of hotels for different budgets, such as the Akwa Palace Hotel, Le Meridien Douala and Hotel Sawa.

GASTRONOMY: Cameroon has one of the most diverse cuisines in Africa because of its location, at the crossroads of many cultures, Koki, Eru, Kwang or Ndole are some of the typical dishes that you can find in popular restaurants such as Le Makossa, Doual’Art Café, Côté Jardin and Le Safoutier. They not only offer traditional Cameroonian dishes, but their menu extends to various European cuisines.

Youpwe, is a small restaurant by the sea that offers fresh fish caught right before your eyes. A selection is presented to you as soon as it’s out of the water.

CLIMATE: It has a warm and humid climate, with temperatures ranging between 24°C and 32°C throughout the year.