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COTONOU: Welcome to the vibrant city of Cotonou where beauty manifests itself in a charming way.  The Beninese city of Cotonou is a port city on the south coast.The bustling port city of Cotonou in the West African nation of Benin offers travellers to a large market, fascinating art galleries and unforgettable architecture. It is the gateway to the world’s only town on stilts and the birthplace of the sacred religion of Vodun.

Cotonou is home to shorelines with lush tropical scenery that lead to beach resorts that provide a relaxing trip.

The official language is French, which coexists with other languages such as Fon, Bariba, Yoruba, Adja, Houeda and Fulfulde.

TOURISM, PLACES OF INTEREST: Cotonou is a mosaic of authenticity and modernity, a city where ancestral cultures blend harmoniously with urban and modern vitality. Among its jewels, the Museum of Ethnography of Porto-Novo and the National Park of the Mono Peninsula. Fondation Zinsou, a contemporary art museum with knowledgeable staff to explain the meaning of each piece. Don’t forget to check out highlights such as “le fou du village” and “le temple de pythons”.

Some popular tourist sites in Cotonou are the Fidroset beach where you can taste delicious dishes such as grilled fish and nuts, the Dantopka market which is the largest in West Africa, located in the heart of Cotonou.​

ACCOMMODATION: In Cotonou you can delight in the beauty of luxurious hotels such as the Hotel du Lac, the Hotel Golden Tulip Le Diplomate. the Hotel Maison Rouge,  is located in a secure estate along Boulevard de Censad in a psh neighborhood of Cotonou. Close to the beach and supermarket Erevan.

GASTRONOMY: cotonou opens up a very varied gastronomic range and is influenced by French and African cuisine. La cabane du pecheur, is peaceful clean and offers a beautiful sea view, a good hideaway from the crowded city of Cotonou. Sipping beers while enjoying the day slowly passing by.. So lovely!. 

CLIMATE: Cotonou’s climate is tropical, with a rainy season from April to October and a dry season from November to March. The average annual temperature is 27°C.